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Making a difference

Yeah I know I’ve been sporadic in posting but by now you all should be used to it.  So what’s happened in my life?

I’ve crossed fourteen months of remission close to fifteen. So far not my longest but my mindset is much better, I’m not waiting for the other who to drop. And when I have a bad day I purposely dot back and look at the good things in my life. Being in love the best thing by far. But that’s not really why I felt the need to post today.

Why the title of making a difference? Going through over the years I’ve influenced and made an impact on peoples lives whether I admitted it or not. Tonight really opened my eyes to this. I was walking to dinner and passed an open front bar, I glanced in as I walked by not really paying attention, its not a bar I frequent. I made it about two store fronts down when I heard a guys voice say excuse me. I glanced back and a tall you guy was walking up to me. He apologized and said he had a strange question to ask then asked if I’d been a patient at Hoag ten years ago. When I said yes he suddenly grabbed me in a huge and said I knew it was you when you walked by I knew it. Ill never forget what you did for me. I’m josh you used to read to me and play Xbox with me when I had luekemia. You understood me you understood me..

Josh was ten then he was one of the kids I read Harry Potter to and played Xbox with. Treating him like a kid not someone in a bubble. I was suffering like they were and knew the pain his parents didn’t.

So here I stood eleven years later with Josh towering over me thanking me. I got him.. I understood him…. I made a difference

Now In Remission

In remission for 1559 days.


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