Time flys

So I’ve been going through Radiation for a month now and had my surgery. The surgery was long but worth it the headaches have decreased but I’m still getting my strength back from being under for so long (15 hours). Radiation will be going until Feb so wish me luck.

A facebook post

A friend of mine on FB was posting that if you liked his post he would tell you what he liked about you. So I hit the like button and this is was he wrote back

Davy McCall posted toJason Cotton
9 minutes ago
I like that you refuse to let anyone tell you how to live your life and that you’re the most awesome survivor I’ve ever met. I also like that you take tremendous care of animals and are generous to others in need. I like that you take life seriously in all the right ways.

Thanks Davy


Actually there is nothing profound about today. Nothing really eventful, yesterday I had 2 teleconferences and now I think my head is really going to explode not from stress, but from information overload. Now it’s time to sift through pile of information and think about decisions.

A side note. Waking up to a dog throwing up at 0345 sucks. Cleaning it up sucks even more. Just saying


Yes I’m arrogant and at times I’m difficult… Just ask people I work with or my family. So when I say someone is an arrogant ass and to their face, you can bet that they are.

What brings this up you ask. I had a video conference with 4 case studies and two high faluten doctors decided to call me ignorant and childish because I would not make a decision that very moment. I think my last words before I broke the conection was GFYS.

I didnt even get mad it was just comical wat hing their faces.

Remember today, live.


I’ve typed an opening a few times.  Lets be blunt and to the point as always my way.  I have cancer again, a new very small brain tumor…. And an aneurysm that they tried to repair already, that didn’t go so well after 13 hours I’m still in the same boat as I was before.

Now I’m not telling this to everyone to feel sorry for me.  Fuck that shit, the first person who says, “I’m sorry” or tries to feel sorry for me will get kicked in the shins and I’ll move progressively higher if you continue.

Live and learn to live, when life deals you some fucked up shit get up deal with it and move on.  If it can’t be cured, still live.  Live every fucking day like it’s worth it.  Because it is.  Don’t read that wrong I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet.  I know what I won’t do. I have maybes and possibles but not any definitive ideas as of yet.

My suggestion to everyone?  Get up get off your asses and live.  If you have a cause you are passionate about get off faceook and do something about it posting about it will do 2 things.  Jack and shit.  Hug your kids, play with your dog.  Live.

Now In Remission

In remission for 1192 days.


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