A birthday is a day when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party, or rite of passage. The celebration of a birthday usually is thought to mark how old a person is, traditionally stopping when death occurs and only stating that if still alive, they would have been (number of years) old. Some contemporary writers ignore this aspect, however, and keep counting the years since the date of birth of famous people, such as proclaiming that it is Shakespeare’s “four hundredth birthday” (although he died at the age of fifty-two) instead of noting that it is the four hundredth anniversary of his birth.[citation needed]Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders with special holidays

Tomorrow is mine.  It’s not a big deal beacause I turn 40, it’s the fact that I’m here to see it.  People ask how I can keep perspective of everything thats been going on in my life and I keep saying all how you look at it and how you let it rule you.  By all accounts I’m not supposed to be alive today or tomorrow.  Hell I didnt know if I’d see a tomorrow for many years.

I didnt do this alone I had the best support group ever imaginable.  I put them all through many sleepless nights, gave them grey hairs,…it goes on and on.

So tomorrow im 40, and I’m 5 for those of you who suffered ’08 with me.  It’s a great, I can’t thank those who’ve been on this ride for so many years enough. I didnt do this alone.

Love my numbers

I love me some numbers. Today’s number is 26.  26 months that is, I love this number getting larger and larger.

I was told it would be days, then I was told I’d never see the next year. Then lastly they said I’d not be in remission ever.

How does it feel to be wrong yet again? As Tyler used to say, “Silly Doctors don’t know nuffin”

What is mine

On February 23, 2013 I’ve finally figured it out.

I figured out why I fought so hard and for so long. Yeah I know I’m slow, but the simple shit is often looked over.

Why did I fight? I wanted what was mine, what my parents gave me.

I wanted and still want my life.

Mine, not cancer’s, not anyone’s.



I had the opportunity to sit and watch Grandparents with their Grandchildren, only one of them their own by blood today.

What made this so special Jason you ask.  Grandma has recently went through major surgeries related to cancer. Granpa has alzhimers and doesn’t remember yesterday.  All of that doesn’t matter, what truly matters is the laughter, love, and learning.

I wish I’d had the chance to hear my grandpa tell me what he saw on Pellelliu, and my Grandma’s. …. to hear their stories again.  These are the moments we forget to treasure before it’s too late.


Anger, I actually feel we deal, cope and have anger in our lives more than the polar opposite love.

Really think about it. That person who cut you off. The no service customer service person. I could go on and on with the list.
My question is why? Why do we allow anger to be such a force?

The simple answer is because it’s easy. The path of least resistance and through the years society has taught us that it’s an appropriate behavior. I’m just as guilty as the I ask you to try like I am. I am trying to change this and let us as individuals teach society instead of society teaching us and our children.

Now In Remission

In remission for 1191 days.


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