Yes, I’m arrogant, and at times I’m difficult… Just ask people I work with or my family. So when I say someone is an arrogant ass, and to their face, you can bet that they are.

“What brings this up?” you ask. I had a video conference that had four case studies, and two highfalutin doctors decided to call me ignorant and childish because I would not make a decision that very moment. I think my last words before I broke the conection were  “GFYS.”

I didn’t even get ma;  it was just comical watching their faces.

Remember: today live.


I’ve typed an opening a few times.  Lets be blunt and to the point as always my way.  I have cancer again, a new very small brain tumor…. And an aneurysm that they tried to repair already, that didn’t go so well after 13 hours I’m still in the same boat as I was before.

Now I’m not telling this to everyone to feel sorry for me.  Fuck that shit, the first person who says, “I’m sorry” or tries to feel sorry for me will get kicked in the shins and I’ll move progressively higher if you continue.

Live and learn to live, when life deals you some fucked up shit get up deal with it and move on.  If it can’t be cured, still live.  Live every fucking day like it’s worth it.  Because it is.  Don’t read that wrong I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet.  I know what I won’t do. I have maybes and possibles but not any definitive ideas as of yet.

My suggestion to everyone?  Get up get off your asses and live.  If you have a cause you are passionate about get off faceook and do something about it posting about it will do 2 things.  Jack and shit.  Hug your kids, play with your dog.  Live.


A birthday is a day when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift, party, or rite of passage. The celebration of a birthday usually is thought to mark how old a person is, traditionally stopping when death occurs and only stating that if still alive, they would have been (number of years) old. Some contemporary writers ignore this aspect, however, and keep counting the years since the date of birth of famous people, such as proclaiming that it is Shakespeare’s “four hundredth birthday” (although he died at the age of fifty-two) instead of noting that it is the four hundredth anniversary of his birth.[citation needed]Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders with special holidays

Tomorrow is mine.  It’s not a big deal beacause I turn 40, it’s the fact that I’m here to see it.  People ask how I can keep perspective of everything thats been going on in my life and I keep saying all how you look at it and how you let it rule you.  By all accounts I’m not supposed to be alive today or tomorrow.  Hell I didnt know if I’d see a tomorrow for many years.

I didnt do this alone I had the best support group ever imaginable.  I put them all through many sleepless nights, gave them grey hairs,…it goes on and on.

So tomorrow im 40, and I’m 5 for those of you who suffered ’08 with me.  It’s a great, I can’t thank those who’ve been on this ride for so many years enough. I didnt do this alone.

Love my numbers

I love me some numbers. Today’s number is 26.  26 months that is, I love this number getting larger and larger.

I was told it would be days, then I was told I’d never see the next year. Then lastly they said I’d not be in remission ever.

How does it feel to be wrong yet again? As Tyler used to say, “Silly Doctors don’t know nuffin”

What is mine

On February 23, 2013 I’ve finally figured it out.

I figured out why I fought so hard and for so long. Yeah I know I’m slow, but the simple shit is often looked over.

Why did I fight? I wanted what was mine, what my parents gave me.

I wanted and still want my life.

Mine, not cancer’s, not anyone’s.


Now In Remission

In remission for 1559 days.


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